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Writer of The Forsaken

Artist and Creator


Born and raised in the little city of Baltimore, "Bobby" Foster has worked his entire life to hone his artistic skills.  Drawing since the age of three, he's been a passionate student of the arts, allowing not only the world of comic and sequentail art shape his ideas, but also the study of architecture, graphic design, sculpture, as well as dance, music and theatre to mold his artistic vision.  Bobby hopes to bring something new and exciting to the world of video games, comics, and cinema, while paying respect the creators that came before him.


* The site is named after the initials of his birth given name.

Jason Dougherty has had a love of comics since the late 70's, back when Saturday morning cartoons ruled the airwaves and kids purchased their comics from a spinner rack at the local convenience store. Since the seventh grade, Bobby, and Jason have been close friends, sharing their mutual love of comics, Robotech, and Baltimore club music. Currently, Jason is the creative arts director at a local private school, specializing in music and theatre education. He spends his free time playing guitar in a couple of indie rock bands and reading just about any comic or magazine he can get his hands on.


         Looking for a talented animator for collaboration.